It will please some of you to know, this is not another self-help, cutsie "Christian" feel good book. It will please others to know that God's redemptive plan for mankind has nothing to do with you becoming better/good...yet, has all to do with understanding how bad you are!

No one is good-not even one!
— Romans 3:11

What if this backwards way of thinking, was actually a great basis for progress in our culture? Having low expectations for people!

No one is good-except God alone
— Jesus (Luke 18:19)

Do you think you are good?

Do you think God loves you more if you are good?
Do you think others are bad?
How about if there were no good people?

Selfish sinners (jolly sinners) living amongst each other, playing pretend we're not!

In this compelling easy to read book, BEAUTIFULLY BACKWARDS will cause you to bounce on a spectrum of two words: OUCH and AMEN...tough truths do that, challenging us to examine our behavior and then choose between lasting and temporary!

What if living a life obedient to God's Word, controlled by the Holy Spirit,  is actually a much easier way of life?

Don't let other people teach you about God!



“Beautifully Backwards” is an awesome read! In a simple, straight forward way it makes you think very deeply about your life and how you live it. It will inspire you to live your life God’s way.
— Lee Meriwether
Beautifully Backwards is one of the best books I’ve read! It’s not an easy book to get through though. It was a tough read at times and you might even get upset with yourself but at the end of reading this book you will feel like a whole new person and even closer to the Lord. Thanks for the great book!
— Alexandrea Deakins